Team Unique

Distributing Wine Since



Executive Team

President and CEO: Bert Mason
Vice President, Director of Sales and Marketing: Scott Murphy
CFO and Office Manager: Kara Chicquette
Brand Manager/Corporate Sales: Steve McKenna
Warehouse Manager: Larry Rush

For inquiries regarding possible positions on our sales or merchandising team, send resume to Scott Murphy at

Sales Teams

Team Murphy

Scott Murphy, since May 1992

Mike Sketchley, since January 1999

Cory Van de Ven, since July 1999

Matthew McKinnon, since March 2013

Ashlynn Sanders, since September 2017

Don Hopwood, since December 2019

Chris McCarthy, since May 2020

Staff, Drivers & Assistants

Team Vandenberg

Jay Vandenberg (DM), since May 2016

Jennifer Israel, since October 2014

Doug Sisk, since January 2015

Matthew VanZeipel, since March 2018

Diego Sheridan, since December 2019

Stu Friedman, since December 2019

Alfonso Montero, since April 2020


Marissa Wenneker

Bob Lords

Brad Denison

Larry Denison

Kyle Wooten

Charles Fehd

Ben Avesta

Kevin Gahan

Team McKenna

Steve McKenna (DM), since April 1998

Katie Ghenov, since October 2012

Ken Cross, since August 2017

James Marinello, since August 2018

Bob Arthur, since August 2019

Fernando Martinez, since July 2020

Bob Coleman, since July 2020


Ernest Winters

Larry Rush

Tyson Lords

Lauren Michael Fielstra


Leah Altman

Adrian Bravo

Leland Reese

Clay Huber